10 common mistakes to avoid when moving house

A common misconception of moving home is that the process is straightforward; you simply pack up your belongings and pick the removal company who transport it all to your new property. In fact, there’s much more to consider during the moving process, and you can be faced with a stressful experience if one step goes wrong. Therefore, it’s important to address all the essential steps so the day runs smoothly. Our experts at Harradines have put together a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid when moving house so you can feel fully prepared for the big day!


Harradines removals van

Leaving packing your belongings until the last minute

Packing up your home in an organised manner is not a last minute task; it takes at least a month to prepare in advance of your moving date so as the final days approach, you should only have a few boxes left to pack. For added convenience and efficiency, professional removals companies, including Harradines, provide expert packing services and materials.


Lack of scheduling with a removals company can make moving day stressful

Surprisingly, many movers only contact a removals company a day or two before their scheduled moving date. This can cause immense stress and pressure as by leaving this until the last minute, chances are most removals companies will be fully booked and won’t have spare vehicles or staff to transport your belongings.

Therefore, remember to contact and book the services of a respected removals company months in advance so moving day is as smooth-running as possible. Underestimating the scale of the job and the time required to pack is a very common problem when people are moving home.


Trying to DIY without professional help

Hiring the expertise of a professional removals company will eliminate any problems on moving day as everything will be taken care of. Removals experts are skilled at disassembling/fitting together furniture and assessing  the size of the move so it is handled in a safe, organised manner. Furthermore, they are trained in:

  • lifting awkward, heavy items
  • moving belongings and furniture
  • packing supplies


Thorough research about your removals company must be carried out

Ideally, ask your friends, family or colleagues for a removals company recommendation. When researching, keep an eye out for relevant accreditations to show they fully qualified to complete a successful move. Here at Harradines we hold accreditations with the National Guild of Removers & Storers, as well as the Road Haulage Association so you can enjoy peace of mind that your move is in safe hands.


Communication with your chosen removals company

So, moving day has finally arrived and all your packed boxes and furniture are ready to be loaded into the removals van – but when the vehicle turns up, it’s far too small to fit all your belongings. This problem can be easily avoided by organising a visit from your removals company to carry out a survey all of your property well in advance of your moving day.



If you do not arrange a survey or quote, you will be left unsure of what the job will entail and how much the overall cost of the move will be. We offer a thorough moving survey to estimate moving requirements and provide an accurate quote on the total cost of our removals services.


Didn’t check insurance

Unfortunately, breakages can happen during a move, especially while handling fragile items, so it’s important to check that your household is fully insured to cover the move. At Harradines, all our removals jobs are covered for loss, damage and negligence up to £50,000.


Not packing a survival kit for moving day

A survival kit or essentials box is crucial for moving day to ensure you are fully equipped for the day ahead without having to rifle through all your packed boxes to find what you need.


Forgetting utility bills and change of address

When you move, remember to record your utility bill meter readings and inform the relevant people of your change of address.


Not measuring furniture in advance

Forgetting to measure the furniture that you plan on moving to your new home means there is a risk that your items will not fit in the rooms properly. Worse still, it can prevent removals teams from being able to fit the furniture through your front door!


Here at Harradines we offer an extensive range of removals services, including:

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