What Size Removals Van Will I Need?

Moving home can be a stressful experience and one of the most stressful aspects is often the logistical test of the physical move itself. You might not give it much thought to start with; after all, you’ve had to put so much time and energy into finding your new home in the first place. As the big day draws near, however, you suddenly realise you’ve absolutely no idea what size of removals van you’ll need for taking all your stuff from your old home to your new one.

Quantities such as ‘3.5 ton’ and ‘600 cubic feet’ are extremely abstract when compared with your very real sofas, tables, mattresses and boxes. If you’re now faced with such a predicament, this guide will translate the abstract into more understandable terms, so that you’ll know what sort of domestic removals vehicle is the most appropriate for your needs.

3.5 ton Luton Transit

It may not have a glamorous name, and probably won’t inspire much poetry, but the 3.5 ton Luton Transit is one of the workhorses of the removals industry. It’s a very popular removals van for a number of reasons.

A van of this size can usually cope with a small- to average-sized house move. Unless you’re a serious hoarder, you will probably be able to fit your belongings from anything up to a two-bedroom house into a domestic removals van like this. It might take a bit of skill, but our experienced removals operatives will know exactly how to pack everything to make the most of every cubic foot.

Another advantage of this type of vehicle is that it’s manoeuvrable and not too big. It’ll more than likely be able to park in your drive if you have one, making it really easy to get all your bits and bobs into the van without having to carry them long distances. For this reason, two trips in a smaller van can sometimes work out quicker than one trip in a larger one, depending on how far apart the two properties are.

7.5 ton purpose built removal trucks

For a bigger house move, you might want to choose one of these larger, purpose-built vehicles. Children have a habit of pretty much doubling the amount of stuff we need, so these vehicles are ideal for families with children, as they can carry twice the load of a 3.5 ton van. They’re also useful if, as well as a house full of possessions, you’ve also got a loaded shed and garden furniture.

A word of caution: the weight of these vans means that it might not be a good idea to try and get one onto your driveway, as they can easily crack paving slabs or cause other damage. They’re also not quite as suitable for narrow country lanes as their 3.5 ton counterparts. Putting these caveats aside, this type of vehicle can be the perfect choice if moving home with more than an average amount of stuff.

7.5 ton purpose built tail-lift trucks

The addition of the tail-lift means no-one has to break their back shifting your heavy dining table or large collection of hard-backed books!

18 ton Pantechnicons

We never overload our vehicles and always ensure that we have the correct sized trucks  at hand to ensure goods are safely cosseted with plenty of space and adequate weight carrying capacity.  Our Flagship purpose 18-ton Pantechnicons are perfect for larger moves,  having more-than-adequate volume and payload. Integrated overnight facilities and sleeper pods ensure that our crews remain well-rested on our regular long distance multiple day moves.

Shuttle run (multiple trips) delivery service:

If either properties have vehicular restrictions, such as width restrictions or 7.5-ton maximum gross weight; we can have goods delivered via ‘shuttling’ from main vehicle to property in a smaller,  & more manoeuvrable, shuttle van.

If you are moving home and are looking for a professional removals company, look no further than the team at Harradines. We specialise in domestic removals and have a fleet of modern, well-maintained removals vans perfect for every requirement. To discuss your needs and receive expert advice on the type of van your move will require, simply give us a call today.