A comprehensive guide to your office move

Coordinating an office move is a large task which requires thorough planning and plenty of preparation. Whether you are upsizing or moving to a smaller office, the removals process must run as smoothly as possible to ensure little or no downtime to your business. As such, the experts at Harradines Removals have put together this comprehensive guide to an office move, which you can treat as a checklist during your office relocation.

Hiring a professional removals company

As the office manager organising the move, your first port of call must be a professional removals company. Whilst it may be tempting to choose a cheap company or opt for a discounted deal, more often than not low prices mean low quality work. You should research extensively to find a reputable removals company who can give you a no obligation quote, as well as provide you with examples of their previous work.

Not only that, you must also check that the company has insurance for any loss, damage or negligence during the move – no office relocation should be carried out without this.

IT and telephony installations

There must be a steady transition of IT and telephony processes when moving between offices, to keep operations running smoothly and prevent any downtime to your business. Four weeks prior to your moving day, you should contact your current IT support to see how they can help with the technical side of the move.

It’s also worth noting that a credible removals company will have specialists to help with any technical work as part of their comprehensive service. Here at Harradines, we employ a team of skilled IT engineers who will install all computer network equipment and phone lines, ensuring both forms of communication are back up and running as quickly as possible.



Efficient packing is a major part of moving office to ensure everything is transported in the most organised manner possible. Ideally, this should be carried out a week before the move to allow employees to continue working for as long as possible. You must complete an inventory of all items being taken to the new office, with non-essential items being packed up first, followed by IT equipment and furniture.

At Harradines, our experienced relocation staff will decommission, pack, relocate, unpack, recommission and test all desktop IT equipment, ensuring your business is up and running again in next to no time.

Best time to relocate office

Whilst there is no specific ‘best time’ to relocate office, there are a few factors which can mean relocation is the most appropriate action for a business:

  • More space is required to accommodate for a growing workforce
  • Less space is needed due to downsizing
  • Financial circumstances


It’s worth noting that finding and securing a new office space can be a rather time-consuming experience, so if you anticipate that an office relocation is on the cards, it’s better to start the process sooner rather than later.



With over 40 years’ experience in the removals industry, here at Harradines we offer full and comprehensive office move management, including:

To learn more about how you can benefit from our office removal services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today – we are always happy to help with any enquiry and can take care of all your requirements, whatever the scale of the move.