Document Storage – Keeping your information safe

From property information to credit card and business receipts, opting for safe and secure document storage is extremely important so that all relevant paperwork is easily accessible for future reference. This is particularly important for any confidential work which needs to be stored in a protected space.


Rent a small storage unit

Before resorting to building an extension for extra filing cabinets and storage cupboards in an attempt to de-clutter your office, why not try a far more cost-effective and less time consuming option? Renting a small storage unit from your local self-storage company is the ideal solution to keeping your documents in a safe, well-maintained environment. This is a very effective way of de-cluttering your office and, in turn, providing some extra space for you or your employees to work, increasing productivity and comfort.


For legal reasons, certain files need to be kept long term for both domestic and commercial settings alike. As this time period can span over several years, keeping the documents in an office is not always the most practical storage solution, which is why it is extremely beneficial to contact your local storage facilities in such instances.


So, what documents do you need to keep, and for how long?


When sorting through your financial documents, there is a legal requirement to keep hold of particular records for a minimum of six years. These include:

  • Income records
  • Expenses
  • Bills
  • Employment documents including tax and VAT


When going through the process of archiving financial records for tax purposes, it is extremely important to securely store business and personal financial documents, such as receipts, for up to 10 years as they may be required for a future audit.


Contractual documents, such as house, employment or mobile phone contracts, have a designated termination date which may also be the specified date to discard the actual document itself so they must be kept safe and easily accessible.


Finally, original wills must be stored securely until after the death of the client or until you are able to return the original to the client. It is the policy at some firms to keep the wills indefinitely while others hold the original will for 50 years from the date it is made. Despite there being no precise rule on this matter, it is always better to be on the safe side, even if you know that a later will has been created.










If you are searching for safe, secure and well-maintained storage units, look no further than the modern, purpose-built facilities we offer here at Harradines. Our wealth of experience in the industry means we have the expertise to provide total protection of all documents and files during an office relocation or refurbishment.


We are the proud owners of temperature-controlled units which are fully alarmed with extensive CCTV coverage to guarantee your confidential files remain completely safe. Every document, file or archived box is logged into our computer system to ensure they can be located quickly and efficiently for total peace of mind.


Our work is regularly accredited to a gold standard of excellence by the National Guild of Movers and Storers, making us a company you can have total confidence and trust in. Simply give us a call or contact us online today for further information – we are always happy to help!