Downsizing Home: Things to consider when moving to a smaller house

There can be a long list of things to remember when downsizing home which can make it a rather stressful and daunting experience if the necessary preparation is not carried out. Here at Harradines Removals we aim to make the process a little easier for a calm and organised move, which is why we have put together a checklist of things to remember to avoid any stress or last minute panic.



In your current home:

  • Plan at least three months in advance, taking some as often as you can to go through your piles of paperwork, overflowing cabinets and beloved junk drawer.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to some of your belongings, so enlist the help of family or friends to get an objective opinion – it’s good to have someone who’ll make you question what you will or will not use and prompt you to take the plunge and get rid of your unwanted items. Write a list of the items you love and others you are prepared to lose. It can be rather heartbreaking getting rid of certain belongings, but by keeping a list of these items you will be less upset when the time comes to part with them
  • You don’t need duplicates of items in your home so reduce clutter by getting rid of belongings that don’t have as much sentimental value
  • Thoroughly check all your old storage areas as you may find boxes in attics, basements or cupboards which haven’t seen the light of day for years. Go through your entire home, making sure every cabinet, shelf and cupboard is cleared
  • Don’t throw anything in the bin. You can find a home for everything so recycle, reuse, sell or donate items which you are wanting to get rid of. When selling your goods, why not try an auction for high-end items? Alternatively, keep an eye-out for reputable antique and second hand dealers. If you can’t sell the goods, donate them to a shelter – don’t let anything which is still in a working condition go to waste
  • Organise your packing using a colour-coded/number system by marking the boxes destined for each room with a coordinating colour or number. This is proven to be a simple and efficient organising idea to make the move much easier

In your future home:

  • Get an idea of the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your current home. That way, you can use this as a rough guide to decide where to position your belongings in your new property
  • Use floor plans to choose where to put your furniture before the move by sketching the furniture layout and looking at the plans realistically. Preparation is key, so don’t wait until after you move to decide where to place your furniture as these are heavy, awkward items to move
  • Check the storage situation in your new home by making sure you haven’t overestimated the amount of storage space available. Consider whether you will have fewer kitchen cupboards, less wardrobe space or a smaller attic to use for storage

After the move:

  • After organising your labelled boxed items into their intended rooms, the packing can begin! A top tip is to start with the bathroom first as that is the room most likely to be needed immediately
  • Organise your space as you unpack by utilising closet and cupboard storage – it’s wise to set a precedent as soon as possible for how your new smaller space will be used so it is easier to keep neat and tidy


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