How to pack fine art and antiques when moving home

Whether you have inherited an antique family heirloom or you have chosen to invest in a piece of fine art, certain items can carry considerable monetary and sentimental value. The fragility and value of such items means they must be handled with immense care to ensure they remain in pristine condition. So, when the time comes to move these delicate items into your new home or put them into storage, you must make sure they are packed properly to prevent any damage during transportation.

This article will serve to explain a few top tips on how to pack different types of artwork and antiques in a safe and efficient manner when moving home.


Large fragile items

When packing canvas prints, mirrors or large frames pieces of artwork, heavy-duty picture boxes offer the best packing solution. For delicate glass items, the most effective way of preventing any breaks, cracks or shattering is to apply masking tape in an ‘X’ position across the surface. The process, then, is as follows:

  • Wrap the artwork, canvas or mirror in plain brown paper or unprinted newspaper.
  • Use heavy duty corner protectors to protect the edges of the item
  • Cover the front and back of the item with a layer or two of bubble wrap for added cushioning
  • Finally, tuck the item into the appropriately sized, adjustable picture box and seal securely

Small fragile items

Often overlooked during the packing process, family photographs and small mirrors must also be packed with great care to ensure they are not damaged during the moving process. Begin by individually wrapping the items in newsprint/plain brown paper and bubble wrap so they are sufficiently protected. Then, use extra bubble wrap or foam padding to line a cardboard box and gently insert the items vertically into the box.



Breakable items such as antiques can prove to be more difficult to pack as their design is usually more uniquely shaped with intricate details and crevices. Therefore, begin by tightly wrapping foam padding around the item so it moulds to its exact shape, paying close attention to any delicate areas. Then, wrap the antique in a layer or two of bubble wrap and pack it into its own individual box filled with several inches of foam padding to keep the item securely in place.


Professional help

While these handy packing tips will help protect your fragile items during the move, many people choose to hire the expertise of a professional removals company to pack their most treasured items in preparation for moving day. Here at Harradines we have a wealth of experience in fine arts and antique removals, offering a comprehensive packing service to ensure all your belongings arrive at their destination in one piece.

We handle all your delicate possessions with the highest level of care, so you can start making the new house your home with all your treasured items as soon as possible. Simply contact our expert team today for further information.