Top 5 Tips – How to Pick a Good Removals Company

When you’re moving home, opting to hire a professional removals company is often an incredibly efficient and cost-effective decision. However, it’s vital to choose a reputable company; not only are you entrusting them with all your property and belongings, but an experienced, proficient team will ensure your house move is smooth and stress-free.

So before picking a removals company for your up-coming move, follow our five helpful tips for choosing one you can trust!

#1 Make sure they have a fixed address

Fixed addressOne of the simplest ways to make sure your chosen removals company is a reputable one, is to check that they have a company address and landline telephone number. This ensures you have a way to reach them – and find them – in the event of something going wrong.

If the only contact you have for them is a mobile phone, they could disappear at a moment’s notice – leaving you without a removals company come move day at best, or minus your furniture and belongings at worst!

#2 Research their accreditations

AccreditationsA great way to determine how trustworthy your prospective removals team are is to check their accreditations. Most proficient removals companies will be accredited and vetted by a number of industry organisations, including BAR (the British Association of Removers), the National Guild of Removers and Storers, the Road Haulage Association and the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme.

#3 Ask for a written quote

When finding a removals team, it is beneficial to get a number of written quotations from various companies. This will give you a better idea of how much you should expect to pay – although it is important to remember that the cheapest company is not necessarily the best!

#4 Check they have insurance

During the removals process the company you have chosen will be responsible for the safe transportation of all your furniture and personal belongings. Therefore, making sure they have a comprehensive insurance policy is vital. This will mean that anything that is damaged in transit will be covered – giving you complete peace of mind that your property is safe and secure in their care.

#5 Read reviews and testimonials

Testimonial for Harradines RemovalsOne of the best ways to gauge how good any company is – including those within the removals industry – is to find out what their customers think. Before hiring a removals company, you should research and read any reviews or testimonials they may have; they provide an easy, transparent way of finding out the level of service and customer care the company provides.

Harradines Removals

Here at Harradines we are one of South London’s premier removals companies and, with over 40 years of experience, promise the highest levels of customer service. Accredited and vetted by a number of industry organisations, we’re a professional, reliable highly efficient removals team you can trust.

Our service is fully insured (up to £50,000 for domestic removals and £100,000 for commercial removals) ensuring your complete peace of mind that your property is safe whilst in our care.

So for more information on our removals services, and for a free, no obligation quote, get in touch with the experts at Harradines Removals today!