How to protect your furniture whilst in storage

From family heirlooms which you plan to pass on to your children to pieces of furniture which do not yet have a place in your new home, as mentioned in last month’s article containerised storage can help to keep personal belongings and furniture safe and secure for whatever length of time is required. Whether you are decluttering your home or preparing for a move,  our experts at Harradines have put together a few top tips to ensure your furniture is sufficiently protected during its time in storage.



As with any move, preparation is key, which is why you must thoroughly clean your furniture prior to putting it into storage to ensure it retains its shape, finish and functionality. It is important to use the appropriate cleaning method for the different materials to ensure the piece of furniture is cared for correctly:

  • Wood-based furniture

Any furniture made of wood must be wiped down using a clean cloth and polish for a protective finish. When prepping your piece of furniture to put into storage, it’s also worth checking to see if the furniture can be disassembled so you will have no trouble fitting it into a storage unit.

  • Fabric furniture

Fabric furniture, such as sofas and mattresses, can suffer from mould and mildew growth if they are not thoroughly cleaned before going into storage. While delicate materials such as silk and leather will require professional attention, other fabrics can be gently cleaned using  a solution of antibacterial cleanser and warm water and left to air dry to protect its condition.

  • Metal

We recommend you polish your metal items before putting them into storage to ensure the finish is sufficiently protected. For items going into storage for a longer period of time, you must use a lacquer to protect the condition of the metal.

  • Glass furniture

Fragile glass furniture needs to be properly protected while in storage to avoid any breakages or damage. Start by cleaning the piece of furniture using an appropriate glass surface cleaner and a new cloth, and then cover it using a few layers of bubble wrap for protection. It’s also worth noting that glass furniture must be carefully positioned in the storage unit to ensure it won’t topple over and break.



The next step when preparing your furniture for storage is to start packing. Generally speaking, using plastic packaging can be harmful to materials such as wood and fabrics and can lead to condensation and damp smells in your storage unit. Therefore, we advise you to use blankets or sheets to prevent dust from accumulating on your furniture and to keep air circulating round the unit.

Top tip: Bubble wrap offers the perfect packing solution to protect fragile items such as mirrors, framed photos and vases against any breakages during transit.

If you require professional help packing your belongings or need quality packing materials to complete the task yourself, here at Harradines we offer a full or part packing service to help protect your belongings during a move. Our fully trained team are experienced with all aspects of packing, including careful handling of all fragile items and dismantling large furniture items.



Transporting items during a move is often an overlooked part of the process as many forget to prep their furniture to help make the journey as easy as possible. Larger items such as dressers, beds and tables can often be dismantled into smaller pieces for smoother transportation. Once you have taken apart sections of the furniture which can be removed, you must then wrap them together to ensure they stay organised during transit to your new home.


Harradines Removals & Storage

As a leading removals company, here at Harradines our primary aim is to help you settle into your new home as quickly as possible. We offer temperature controlled containerised storage units on either a short or long term basis, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure when moving home.

As part of our expert furniture removals service, we will dismantle, pack, move and reassemble your items and will collect and deliver the furniture when required.  Simply contact our expert team today for further information.