Make A New Start In 2014 With A New Home!

For many people, the New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start and some much needed lifestyle changes. Whether these are small changes, such as walking to work, or larger changes, such as giving up smoking, they are all intended to make our lives healthier, happier and more fulfilling.

An increasingly popular New Year’s resolution is to move home. In fact, moving home was one of the ten most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2013, according to a survey featured in The Independent.

Additionally, new research shows that optimism is returning to the property market as the number of people planning to move home this year, in comparison with the number of people who planned to move in 2013, has doubled.

So if you want a fresh start in 2014 and are thinking of moving property, follow our simple tips to making it as simple and stress-free as possible…

Dejunk and Declutter

Before you start envisioning stepping over the threshold of your new property, there are a number of things you will need to do within your current one – mainly clearing through your belongings and getting rid of any unused, unwanted or unnecessary items.

Not only will this make the process of packing and moving everything much quicker and easier, but it will also make your property much more appealing to its future occupants as it will showcase your home to its full potential. This is especially important if you own your property and are attempting to sell it as it should make the sale of your house quicker and can sometimes even increase the price people are willing to pay.

Look Around the Property Market

When you are moving home – whether you are buying a property or entering the rental market – it is important to look around. It is highly likely that the first property you see will not be the one that is best for you, your requirements and your budget, and it’s vital to get a thorough understanding of the options available on the market before committing to a property.

In addition, different estate agents require different fees and you can save yourself a lot of money by investigating their prices before registering with one specifically. We recommend looking at various properties and estate agents in your locality, obtaining as much information as possible, before making a decision.

Hire a Professional Removals Company

Harradines RemovalsThe best way to ensure your house move is as smooth and stress-free as possible is to hire a professional removals company. Not only will they take care of the practicalities of the move, but they will also ensure your belongings are as safe and secure in transit as possible. You can even opt for a full packing service, meaning your belongings are packaged and boxed up by an expert before being loaded on to one of their vans.

The benefits of hiring a professional removals company far outweigh the associated costs and will make your new start as simple and efficient as possible. You will be removed of the burden of moving and can instead just look forward to your new life in your new home!


Here at Harradines Removals Ltd we offer a wide range of residential removals services and will tailor your house move to your individual needs and requirements. For more information, get in touch with our expert team today.