Moving House – Is There a Best Time?

If you’re planning on moving home – whether that’s into a property you’re buying or rented accommodation – you may wonder if there is a best time of year to do so. The simple answer to this is that there is never a perfect time to move house; there is no equation to a flawless removals process and often the best time of year is completely dependent on you, your lifestyle and your individual needs.

There are, however, some golden rules to make the process as simple and straight-forward as possible – one of which is to obtain the help of a professional removals company, such as the team here at Harradines.

In fact, in order to help you decide on the best time to move home, we’ve even compiled a guide to moving home throughout the year, ensuring you choose a time as close to perfect as possible…

New Year, New Start?

The New Year may seem like the ideal time to move home – you can start the year afresh and look forward to a brand new beginning. However, there are a number of considerations to make when choosing January as the month you move. Firstly, most of your preparations will have to be made throughout December, meaning you are highly likely to spend Christmas surrounded by boxes and packaging materials.

In addition, the cold weather conditions can cause the roads to become icy and dangerous, making the process of loading a van and unloading and unpacking your furniture and belongings a potentially hazardous activity.

Christmas Season

Some people may dream of moving into their new home just in time for Christmas and, if your removals process goes to plan, that first Christmas will be an incredibly special one.

However, it is worth remembering that Christmas can be quite a hectic time as it is. Not only are you buying and wrapping what feels like a million presents, but you will also be fitting in work parties, meeting up with friends and doing the rounds with the family.

If you wish to move during the Christmas season, organisation is the key. Planning everything in advance and enlisting the help of the professionals will make sure you’re all moved in on time and you’ll even be left with a spare couple of hours to put up the tree!


One of the most important things to consider if you are moving house during the summer is that if you have children they will be off school. This can either be viewed as a positive (extra helping hands and no disruption of sleep, school or normal routine) or a negative (little people running around and adding to the chaos). Whatever your individual opinions are on this it will probably sway whether you think choosing the summer to move is a good idea or not.

It is also worth remembering that hot temperatures can make the process of moving more difficult, leaving you tired, worn out and dehydrated.

Spring or Autumn

Considering the various factors, it would appear that, where possible, moving during spring or autumn is your best bet. Not only are the weather conditions much more mild, but there are also no huge public holidays or celebrations to consider.

In addition, there are half terms that you can take advantage of if you would prefer your children to be off school – as well as plenty of term time if you’d like them as far away from the commotion as possible!

The most important thing to remember when moving home is the huge benefit of hiring a professional removals company. Here at Harradines, our comprehensive residential removals service ensures the process of moving home is as simple and stress-free as possible – whatever time of year you choose.

For more information and to arrange a consultation at your convenience, simply get in touch with the experts at Harradines Removals today!