Moving House Checklist

During the process of moving house, preparation is key to ensure the move is as trouble-free and organised as possible. To avoid any last minute panic on the day you move, our team of professionals here at Harradines Removals have compiled a checklist of things you need to remember; all you need to do is tick off each task as you go along!

You have found your dream home and your offer has been accepted. So, what happens now? It is essential to get the legal side in place as early as possible to ensure a smooth legal transaction of your property sale/purchase. Now is the time to hire the services of a conveyancing solicitor and have the details of your mortgage set in stone.


Two months before you move you must:

  • Research the new area and the local convenience stores
  • Transfer children’s school records and order the new uniform
  • Confirm your moving date with your landlord if you are currently renting
  • Have all your valuable items assessed for insurance and check whether your insurance policy will cover your move. If it does not, your chosen removals company should be able to provide cover so be sure to invest in it early to avoid any problems

Six weeks before the move

You should start clearing out anything you don’t wish to take to your new home. Begin by making a detailed list of all the major items so you have a plan of what you will be moving and anything that will need to be taken to a charity shop, sold at a car boot sale, or offered to your friends. This will also act as a guide for your removal company to get an idea of the quantity of items you will need moved before they carry out their assessment. You must also remember to:

  • Notify the relevant utility companies of your departure
  • Order new furniture or carpets if required and arrange delivery for when you move
  • Book extra storage space if required


Two Weeks Before Move

Two weeks before moving, all important details and telephone numbers must be confirmed with key contacts in preparation for your move, such as:

  • Your removal company
  • Estate agents
  • Employment
  • Schools

If your removal company cannot provide additional services such as packing or dismantling your furniture and putting it back together at its destination, now is the perfect opportunity to organise these too. At this point, you must also remember to:

  • Start packing non-essential items and out of season clothing and footwear into boxes
  • Contact your doctor, dentist and optician to have them take you off their register if you are moving out of the area
  • Arrange for your post to be forwarded by visiting the post office
  • Notify your milkman and newspaper shop that you are moving area and give them a date you want the service to stop
  • Arrange for your children and pets to be looked after during the move
  • Make a list of everyone who should be informed of the move and let them know
  • Finalise arrangements with your removals company while confirming arrival times and making sure they have directions to your new address
  • Arrange a time to collect the keys for your new home from the estate agent
  • Notify the bank of any changes to direct debits and standing orders

24 Hours to go!

Moving day has almost arrived! In the last 24 hours at your old address , do a final check of the property to ensure everything is packed and ready for transit. Make sure you have packed a Moving Day Survival Kit so you have all the essentials for the big day and don’t forget to fully charge your mobile phone in case of any emergencies!


Here at Harradines Removals, we offer premium quality domestic and commercial removal services to ensure a quick, trouble-free move. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today for further information.