Moving house: Professional removals company vs. Man with Van

Transporting your belongings from your current home to your new property is one of the most important things to consider when moving, as you will need to make sure everything will fit in your vehicle and remain safe during transit. While using your car may seem like the easiest option, the lack of space to store all your boxes means it will take more than one trip to travel between the two properties. Not only does travelling back and forth become a very time-consuming process, it also costs much more in petrol compared with larger vehicles which have the capacity to transport your belongings in as few trips as possible.

Hiring a home removals expert guarantees all your belongings will be transported to your new abode safely and efficiently. However, it’s important to fully understand the significant differences between a man with a van and a professional removal company before you commit to investing in their services.

Removals company moving house

Professional removals company

One of the main contrasts between a man with a van and a professional removal company is that they accommodate moves of different sizes. Removal companies have much bigger teams and larger vehicles to cater to all aspects of the move. They also provide additional services, such as professional packing and dismantling/reassembling furniture, to make the move a smooth and trouble-free as possible. By investing in a professional removals company, you can rest assured knowing that employees will be qualified, highly trained and experienced in all areas of home removals, ensuring even your most fragile items will be handled with care.

When choosing a home removal company for your move, check for relevant accreditations as this means they are required to conform to high industry standards. Professional removal companies are also insured to provide cover for loss, damage and negligence of up to a specified amount of money while working so you can enjoy total peace of mind. Offering packing services to


A man with a van

Alternatively, a man with a van provides smaller scale removal services making them better suited to minor moves. They are often a cheaper option, however as opposed to professional removals companies, this style of moving offers fewer staff to help with the move. Staff will generally have some experience in the removals industry, but no qualifications.

A man with a van is more suitable for smaller moves with – the smaller vehicles are usually unable to fit the contents of a large home inside, so in most cases you will need to make a few trips between the properties. Fewer members of staff also means there is smaller workforce during the move, so be prepared to chip in to help complete the move as quickly as possible.


Which option best suits the requirements of your move?

When weighing up the pros and cons, for a organised move there is a return on your investment when hiring a professional removals company and it is well worth paying that little bit extra. Not only do they offer extra services to make your move as hassle-free as possible, they are also sufficiently covered in the unlikely event any damage is caused to your belongings during the move. Staff are fully equipped with specialist vehicles and equipment to ensure your items are handled with immense care and are safe during transit.

Here at Harradines Removals and Storage our accredited team of removals experts go the extra mile to ensure your entire move goes to plan. Our trained surveyors assess the size and scale of the move to provide a free, highly competitive quote. A house removals coordinator will then be assigned to your move and will act as your direct point of call throughout the project so you can rest assured knowing we are on hand every step of the way. We also provide additional services such as professional packing and all jobs are covered for loss, damage and negligence up to £50,000.

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