Office Relocations – Why it Pays to Go Pro

One of the most stressful things a company or business can go through is a relocation of operations; it requires a great deal of patience, lots of negotiating and the organisation of everything in the current location, including furniture and staff. A move is not to be taken lightly but if you really do intend to go ahead with relocating then you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by getting in a professional commercial moving company.


No downtime for the business

Keeping your operations going is vital to the health of your business so any downtime, even just a day, can have a negative impact on your activities, costing you orders and inconveniencing clients. When you employ the services of professional movers, however, you get the benefit of out of hours moves. This means that your business keeps going during normal working hours and the relocation takes place when you don’t need the telephones, the offices and the meeting rooms.


Professional boxing and packaging

When you tackle a big office relocation yourself, you could find yourself overwhelmed, leading you to rush certain aspects of the move. One thing people often get wrong in a move is the packaging, boxing up and organisation of their equipment and furniture.

A professional removals company will have experience in commercial relocations and will be able to properly protect your fragile items, and can ensure that your IT and communications system is properly project managed throughout the move. With the best materials for the job and the knowledge of the process from countless previous moves, you’ll be in safe hands with a removals team.


Professional business moversNo injuries to your staff

It’s tempting to get your employees to pitch in with a move and try to save yourself money, but even the strongest people can pull muscles or throw their back out when lifting or performing strenuous tasks. It’s likely that your staff aren’t trained in the correct way to operate in a removal capacity and you put them at risk of injury by taking on their help. The knowledge of how best to lift items and carry out a removal comes as standard with commercial removals companies – their team can take care of all the hard work helping you to protect your staff.


Business removalsSmooth moves with no stress

In business there is barely time to think during regular operations, so why add the extra stress of organising and carrying out a move onto your plate? A comprehensive service from professional movers ensures a smooth process in which you can take the time to keep on top of the important aspect of running your business. You’ll get a designated removals team and a move manager who can take the move out of your hands. Once provided with the details, they’ll tailor the move to your business, letting you focus on other tasks.

Despite the savings you think you might make by taking on an office relocation yourself, the benefits of taking on a professional removals company are clear to see and far outweigh the monetary factors involved. There is no burden for you and you can concentrate on your business without it impacting operations.

Here at Harradines, we offer a wide range of commercial removal services across Greenwich and beyond in to the surrounding areas, tailoring the move to your individual needs and requirements. For more information about how we can help your company or business then contact us today – our professional team will be happy to help you.