What happens during a removals company ‘home survey’?

While the prospect of moving home may seem rather daunting, a professional removals company will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for a trouble-free experience. One of the first steps of the moving process is a thorough home survey carried out at your property to provide an accurate quotation and assess the overall needs of the move. This is good practice as it allows the company to understand more about your individual requirements and provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions or get advice.


Any credible removals company should include the home survey as part of their comprehensive service so they can inform you of the exact cost and timescale of your move. This article will address some of the frequently asked questions about home surveys and why they are an essential part of the moving process.



How long does a home survey take?

The length of time taken to carry out a home survey typically depends on the size of the property and the particular moving needs of the customer. Here at Harradines, our home surveys are often completed in just 30 minutes, meaning minimal disruption to your property or daily operations.


What happens during the survey?

From bedrooms and lofts to cupboards and garden sheds/ornaments, your entire home needs to be assessed by the removals company so they are aware of which belongings and pieces of furniture need to be moved. You will also need to point out any items which are staying at the property or you are selling before you move to prevent any unnecessary costs being added to the quotation.


Certain fragile items, such as paintings and antiques, will require specialist care to ensure they remain intact during the move, so the representative must be made aware of such treasured belongings. It’s also worth noting that you must tell the removals company about any new items you are planning on purchasing which will be included in the move so they can accommodate for any extra items when choosing the size of vehicle.


What type of questions may the company ask?

Accessibility is a major consideration for home moves to ensure the transition is as simple and straightforward as possible. With this in mind, it’s important that the representative is aware of any urgent information which could affect the process, such as:

  • Limited access to your current property or new home
  • Restricted parking
  • Any obstacles which may hinder accessibility
  • Any lifts or stairs involved


The removals company may ask you about your budget to ensure you receive a comprehensive, affordable service based on the exact moving services you require. You don’t have to disclose a lump sum, but you can explain to the representative which aspects of the move are most important to you and what parts you plan to arrange yourself, e.g. packing.


They are also likely to ask about the number of rooms in your property, including the loft, cellar and garden if required. Finally, the removals company must be made aware of any special requirements or personal concerns, such as moving with pets, young children or elderly relatives, so they may ask whether you have any particular circumstances they need to cater to.


Are any additional services required?

During the home survey, you may be asked whether you require any additional services, such as packing, dismantling or reassembling. Most credible companies will offer these additional services as a way of relieving some of the pressure of the move and to keep all of your items safe during transportation.


What should I ask the representative during the survey?

Prior to the move, it’s important that you are clued up on what the process will involve so you feel confident about the big day. We encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary during the home survey so you not only understand more about the move, but also get a better feel for the company and how they operate.


Remember to ask about insurance for your move so you understand how their policy works and what cover options are available to you.


With over 40 years of industry experience, here at Harradines we can arrange a home survey at a time that suits you, offering a detailed quote based on an accurate and thorough audit. This quote will provide an exact breakdown of all aspects of the move with no hidden costs, including:

  • Timescales
  • Vehicles provided
  • Costs
  • Packing options
  • Number of staff


From full wrapping and packing to first rate packing materials, our team can also discuss the packing options available to you, should you require them. To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.