What to consider when moving house with pets

With a long list of things to remember when moving home, it can be easy to overlook how your pets will react to the change.  Companion pets such as cats and dogs typically become very attached to their territory and can become distressed by any disruption to their regular routine. With this in mind, preparation is key to ensure the move caters to your pet’s needs as well as your own, allowing them to settle into your new home as easily as you do. Our specialist team here at Harradines have put together a simple guide so you are aware of the main considerations when moving house with pets.

Before the move

Purchasing an identity collar tag printed with your name and contact number is an absolute must before moving day. This is a necessary precaution in case your beloved pet manages to escape and get lost in the unfamiliar area. Before the move, it’s also important to remember to:

  • Get your pet microchipped
  • Register them with a new vet
  • Print off a recent photo of your pet in case they get lost and you need to send out flyers
  • Make sure your pet insurance is up-to-date

While you will need the extra help from a professional removals company on moving day, your pet may become distressed by the strangers entering your home. To prevent your treasured feline or pooch from acting out during the upheaval, you could make arrangements prior to the move for your pet to stay with a family member, friend or neighbour. Alternatively, you could put your pet into a kennel or cattery on move day, possibly letting them board for a few days so you can focus solely on the task of moving knowing they are safe.

Moving day

If you decide to keep your pet with you on moving day, it’s extremely important to keep their daily routine the same during the process so they remain calm.

A top tip is to make sure your pet is safely inside one of the rooms in your home before any removals work begins. Otherwise, it may prove to be a difficult task to get them back in the house if they are left to roam free outside while all furniture is being removed.

It’s also essential to maintain regular feeding and walking routines which your pet is familiar with, so they feel completely comfortable during the moving process and can settle into their new surroundings with ease.

Settling in after the move

Gradually easing your pet back into their regular routine is an effective way of helping them adjust to their new home. Be clear to show them where their new bed belongs and which rooms they are allowed in so they can understand the boundaries straight away. That way, they can familiarise themselves with the space and become accustomed to their new territory.

Known for their territorial traits, we recommend cat owners regularly check their pet for any marks or injuries, as they will encounter other cats on their journey who will try and mark out their territory. Make sure you keep your friendly feline inside your new home for 24 hours and remember to feed them before you let them out for the first time.

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