Your Office Move – The Complete Checklist For Telecoms and IT

During an office move, the safe transportation of business technology equipment must not be overlooked or neglected. An organised, well-executed move will ensure all equipment arrives at the new destination in perfect condition, and your business will be up and running again in no time. Before you start the move, remember that any new cabling must be installed in preparation for IT installations and telephone installations in the new office.


One of the most common reasons for an office move is the need to expand a business and upgrade to a bigger office space. This fresh start can significantly increase the motivation and morale of the company and its employees, broadening ideas and opportunities.


Things won’t get off to a positive start if employees turn up to a brand-new office to find their computers and phones aren’t working, so make sure you plan the move as early as possible to avoid any delay! Without fully operational IT and Telecoms systems, your office may miss out on important business phone calls, so a prepared, coordinated turnaround will ensure there is minimal disruption.


First steps


Finally decided on a date for your office move? It’s time to get the ball rolling and create a timetable of deadlines! Remember to include:

  • any critical business commitments
  • dates of site surveys
  • cancelling your current lease or rental agreements


Make a list of all your IT and Telecoms equipment prior to the move so you can check it is all present and correct on arrival at the new office. During the audit, take note of of the following:

  • personal computers
  • servers
  • telecoms equipment
  • printers
  • fax machines
  • specialised software


Time to upgrade your current technology equipment?


Office relocation is the perfect time to review your existing IT and Telecom systems and consider whether they will fit with your new office. This is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your current equipment for a fresh and productive start!


Business phone number


Changing the phone number of your business can have a significant impact on the company, with many businesses finding out too late that they cannot keep hold of their phones numbers which they have supplied to all their clients. So, prior to the move remember to check with your operator if you can keep your business phone number.


Scale of the job


Working out the scale of your office move can be a rather daunting task, which is why we strongly recommend that you prepare the property for the move, remembering to make sure that:

  • there are enough plugs
  • all cabling has been installed
  • you have planned where you are going to position equipment such as printers and scanners

 Professional pffoce removals

Here at Harradines, we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out thorough and efficient office removals, whatever the scale of the move. From commercial relocations of businesses made up of 2,000 members of staff, to smaller, internal moves, our accredited team are fully trained for all business relocation situations. Furthermore, all our office moves are covered for loss, damage and negligence up to £100,000, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.


Our team of skilled IT engineers offer office IT and telephone installations to ensure it’s business as usual on your first day back at work after the move. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today for further information about any of the services we provide.