Jonathan Petrou

They did exactly what you would want them to do on moving day. Anyone who’s moved a lot knows how important it is to secure a good reliable removal service. Make a bad choice and the stress levels on the day can go through the roof.

I’m very happy to say that Harradines were brilliant. We did a lot of preparation work to ensure everything was ready for the team when they arrived and you could tell that it was appreciated.
I walked the team through the flat and explained what was going and what was staying. After that, the team just got on with the job without fuss and 2hrs later, the lorry was loaded and ready to head off to the South coast.

My wife went ahead to ensure somebody was present when the team arrived. By the time I got there the team were already unloading. About 45min later the removal was complete and furniture assembled. It was hard work for the team but they did not complain and most importantly they did not make me feel that anything was an issue on the day. When you’re trying to juggle so many things on the day itself, it’s a really good feeling when a team arrives and just takes care of things without fuss.

I would highly recommend Harradines for your move.
My only comment would be, do good prep work. It makes all the difference on the day. If your things are ready to go when they arrive, within reason of course, then the chances of a smooth removal a greatly increased.